Hans-Agne Jakobsson


1919- 2009
Country: Sweden
Awards: Unknown


Hans- AgneJakobsson (1919-2009)
 was a Swedish interior decorator and furniture designer most active between the 1950`s and ’70s. Hans-Agne Jakobsson was remembered for his softly glowing, glare-free lighting fixtures, which were inspired by Poul Henningsen and Finnish icon Alvar Aalto. Jakobsson created a range of pendants, floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps that shows diverse materials and forms, as well as a deep understanding of lighting effects. Jakobsson was born in Havdhem on Gotland in Sweden in 1919.
He first was a carpenter and then continued his education in Gothenburg, graduating with a degree in architecture. He was first hired by General Motors as an industrial designer and subsequently worked as an assistant to both well known Carl Malmsten (1888-1972) and Werner West (1890-1959).

In 1951, Hans-Agne Jakobsson founded his own furniture company named Hans-Agne Jakobsson AB in Markaryd, Sweden, which is sometimes referred to as AB Markaryd. Although Jakobsson designed and produced various types of furniture, his lighting received after a while much greater international attention. Hans-Agne Jakobsson worked with a wide range of materials—including brass, iron, glass, fabric, and wood shavings.

Hans-Agne Jakobsson mastered both the direction and color of light. His designs are known for their hidden bulbs and streamlined ornamentation, which created diffused, muted lighting.