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Norwegian pair of Høvik wall lamps by Jonas Hidle 1970s

These wall lamps are mouth blown and has enclosed airbubbles in the glass. Closed glasstop. 

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Jonas Hidle - The Norwegian...

Jan 17
Jonas Hidle was very important as a lighting designer for Høvik Verk. Hidle was educated at Norwegian Technical College in Trondheim in 1937 and he worked preferably with...

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Finn Juhl - Another Danish...

Sep 03
Finn Juhl (1912 -1989) was a Danish architect, interior and industrial designer most known for his furniture design. He was one of the leading figures in the creation of “Danish design” in...

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Arne Lindaas - in the...

Jun 27
Arne Lindaas (1924-2011) was a Norwegian artist and artisan. Born in Holmestrand, Norway. He has been described as an unusually active and diverse artist who has...

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