Get to know Norwegian designer Olav Joa!

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And here he is!…..
The unknown but still amazing Norwegian designer Olav Joa, also mistakingly called Olav Joff probably because people misread his signature and think it says Joff instead of Joa:-). Funny….

Olav Joa was born in Sola, Norway 19th of March 1942, and he retired in 2011.
As I mentioned earlier very little information is to be found of Joa. Still I found some thanks to Mats Linder and it is quite interesting reading….

Joa is most known for his Steel Art series produced by Polaris. It started randomly when a worker in the factory found a steel remain on the floor after the production. He started polishing this interesting steel piece, and suddenly it looked really good!
Designer Olav Joa got his hands free to take on the idea and the result was the series «Steel art» in which ended up with four candlesticks, two wallclocksa dish, bowl and two vases! Quite surprising how you suddenly make good art so random, and so unplanned.


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